Mission Statement:

The purpose of Auto Glass University is to provide unbiased, up-to-date information and training to the auto glass industry in an affordable and self directed context. Courses will consist of modules that are comprehensive, concise, and pertinent to the duties of the auto glass professional; focusing on technical training, management, customer service and safety.

Our goal is to be a complete online university for auto glass entrepreneurs and their employees, offering different schools of training for all aspects of the business. We will start with technical installation training and add new class sections as time goes on. This site will be constantly updated to have the latest in information. Each individual who takes our online course will have access to the latest information, plus diagrams, slides and links to additional websites for further research, if desired.

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What is the content of our classes? The complete course for the Auto Glass Technician in the Technical School consists of 10 classes. They include:

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As you will learn in the free introductory module, "The Role of Auto Glass", training in proper installation methods is vital for your protection and for the safety of your customers. The profession of auto glass installation is one that requires knowledge, skill, practice and a measure of hands-on skill development. The online technical training program will provide the essential knowledge to begin your career in auto glass installation. These course modules can be used in conjunction with a hands on trainer to cost effectively get you to quickly build your technical skills. If you do not already work for an auto glass company, it is highly recommended that a relationship be developed with an auto glass professional, as a coach. Your coach can help in tool and skill mastery as the knowledge base is achieved and will provide guidance throughout the program. We have included "Coaching Notes" that will aid in this endeavor.

In addition, AGU works in conjunction with AGC to provide support and on site training if desired. If on site training is desired, call 1-800-695-5418 for a free quote on programs and costs.

The course is written and edited by key leaders in the industry today and the site will be monitored and updated whenever there are new developments in the industry. We instruct to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and to the most current AGRSS/ANSI Auto Glass Replacement Standard.

All data contained in our classes is researched and gleaned from auto glass and related industry sources such as:

Why should you invest in this training? For less than $700 you will have the ability to master a skilled trade that offers numerous well paying job opportunities around the world. Auto Glass University gives you access to the entire technician's course including the study guide for hands on training, slide presentations and a link to the top trainer in the industry, Bob Beranek.

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How It Works

Each class is a stand-alone subject of study with a final test, although some prerequisites do apply. The Auto Glass module must be completed as a prerequisite to the Adhesive Bonding module and Adhesive Bonding must be completed before taking either the Stationary or Movable Installation courses. A certificate of completion will be awarded after successfully passing the test at the end of each module. If you have enrolled in the entire Auto Glass Technician (AGT) course, a diploma will be awarded at the successful completion of the program.

The complete course for the Auto Glass Technician in the Technical School consists of 10 classes. They include:

There will be opportunities to receive credit for real life study upon proof of completion. For example, credit will be given to those who have completed a sanctioned First Aid Course. Once credit is given, the corresponding course, in this case Safety First will not be required to be completed through AGU.

There will be electives made available as well, including Windshield Repair, Trade Math, Pattern Making, and Glass Cutting.

Auto Glass University is under construction but will eventually have four schools of study; the Technical School, School of Customer Representation, School of Sales and Marketing and Management School. Within each discipline, you will have the opportunity to earn advanced degrees that will require additional courses. The entire curriculum represents a well-rounded education in auto glass shop installation, operation, and management.

If you need more information or have questions about our course call 800-695-5418.

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