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Entire Course - All Ten Modules and Four Electives - $598.00 (SAVE over $126.00)
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180 days to complete this course.

10 Module Course - All Ten Modules- $499.00 (SAVE over $85.00)
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All Four Electives- $99.00 (SAVE over $40.00)
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120 days (four months) to complete this course.


Module 2 - Technician Responsibility - $49.95
The first module in this series explains the liability of technicians and owners in the modern auto glass shop.
Prerequisites - None
Module 3 - Safety First - $39.95
This course lists and describes the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and procedures necessary to complete installations safely and efficiently.
Prerequisites - None
Module 4 - Auto Glass - $49.95
This class offers the latest in glass manufacturing and fabrication as it pertains to the auto glass industry.
Prerequisites - None
Module 5 - Implements of Labor - $69.95
This class offers a list of common and specialty hand tools and power tools and describes their proper use and handling.
Prerequisites - None
Module 6 - Adhesive Bonding - $59.95
This unit explains the proper use of urethane and its supporting products such as cleaners, preps, and primers.
Prerequisites - None
[Note: this module is the prerequisite for the Installation module.]
Module 7 - Parts and Supplies - $49.95
This class covers the wide variety of cleaners, sealants, clips, retainers, and fasteners available to the auto glass professional and how they are used properly and released easily.
Prerequisites - None
Module 8 - Picking and Pricing - $44.95
This class teaches the CSR, technician or manager how to read and use the NAGS Catalog and Calculator publications and also will help the technician be a salesperson in the field.
Prerequisites - None
Module 9 - Installation - Stationary - $99.95
This module is the core of our program and takes the technician through the intricacies of proper auto glass installation through the Seven Steps of Installation.
Prerequisites - Module 6 Adhesive Bonding
Module 10 - Installation - Moveable - $79.95
This module walks you through a variety of common scenarios typical of moveable auto glass installations.
Prerequisites - None
Module 11 - Troubleshooting - $39.95
"Comebacks" or "Callbacks" are handled in the Troubleshooting module. Common complaints such as water and air leaks, noise and vehicle damage are discussed.
Prerequisites - None


Elective 1 - Trade Math - $29.9
This module helps you to refresh your memory on the typical mathematical problems used in the fabrication of auto glass.
Elective 2 - Pattern Making - $39.95
Before any part can be fabricated, a pattern must be created to cut the glass accurately.  The pattern making procedures that will be trained will include, trace pattern, pinchweld pattern and geometric constructed pattern.
Elective 3 - Auto Glass Fabrication - $39.95
This module covers the proper way of scoring, breaking and the lamination separation of automotive laminated safety glass.
Elective 4 - Windshield Repair - $29.95
A successful windshield repair is 20% equipment and 80% technician skill.  There are dozens of windshield repair equipment manufacturers and they all produce an excellent repair result.  This module help you in knowing the process before making the kit purchase.
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