Course Description

Enrollment duration is based upon the number of modules/electives you sign up for. Each module/elective is permitted 30 days each for completion. For example: if you enroll in 2 modules and 1 elective, you will be alloted 90 days to complete your enrollment. NOTE: The maximum time alloted for any course enrollment is 180 days (6 months).

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Module 1: The Role of Auto Glass - FREE

This free introductory module is ideal for an overview of the core technician course. It gives the student an idea of how auto glass is manufactured and how the technology has progressed over the years from being a simple transparent "wind shield" to the role of safety feature. It gives a brief explanation of the basics of auto glass installation and the various mountings used in attaching the glass to the automobile. This module is also valuable for the consumer to understand the importance of proper auto glass installation.

The Role of Auto Glass is an informative module using pictures and diagrams to explain the changes in technology and installation processes since the introduction of glass in the motor vehicle.

CLICK HERE to access this free module.

Module 2: Technician Responsibility - $49.95

The first module in this series explains the liability of technicians and owners in the modern auto glass shop. It discusses the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards that pertain to the replacement of auto glass. The ANSI/AGRSS Replacement Standard is explained in detail, providing for a better understanding of why the auto glass installation techniques used today are so important. This is a necessary course for those interested in minimizing their liability and doing installations in the approved manner.

Module 3: Safety First - $39.95

On-the-job injury is a concern of all auto glass professionals. This course lists and describes the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and procedures necessary to complete installations safely and efficiently. It covers the basics of hazard communications and OSHA requirements. Couple this module with your own in-house safety-training program for a comprehensive injury prevention exercise.

Module 4: Auto Glass - $49.95

This class offers the latest in glass manufacturing and fabrication as it pertains to the auto glass industry. All types of auto glass fabrication are displayed and discussed, including laminated, tempered, encapsulated, bonded, Pre-Applied Adhesive Systems (PAAS), Heads-Up-Display projection (HUD), heated glass and rain sensor technology. This module is a prerequisite to the Adhesive Bonding and Installation classes.

This very important module uses a wide array of learning tools to help the student learn the material. These include:

Module 5: Implements of Labor - $69.95

A wide selection of specialty tools are available in the auto glass industry. Some of these tools require practice before the technician can be proficient. This class offers a list of common and specialty hand tools and describes their proper use and handling. It also discusses the power tools available to the technician including pneumatic, electric, and cordless options.

The name of a tool is worthless without seeing the tool. The Implements of Labor class discusses the tools and shows you the tool for easy recognition. The class also uses diagrams and pictures to illustrate the proper use of the tools.

Module 6: Adhesive Bonding - $59.95

This very important module discusses how adhesives work and why they are important to your customers' ultimate safety. This unit explains the proper use of urethane and its supporting products such as cleaners, preps, and primers. Proper application and curing conditions are discussed. This module was reviewed and edited by leading adhesive industry professionals. This class is a prerequisite to Installation classes.

Understanding the way adhesives work and how it relates to the auto glass professional is an important knowledge to attain. The Adhesive Bonding module instructs this knowledge by utilizing all of the learning aids possible. They include:

Module 7: Parts and Supplies - $49.95

Although mastery of adhesives is essential for the auto glass technician, it is not enough. There are a number of supporting supplies and parts that are necessary for proper auto glass installation. This class covers the wide variety of cleaners, sealants, clips, retainers, and fasteners available to the auto glass professional and how they are used properly and released easily.

A clip is a clip is a clip unless you know how they work and what they look like. The Parts and Supplies course is an explanation of the many clips, fasteners, moldings, and retainers used in the industry. The module uses pictures, diagrams and drawings to explain the attachment of clips to the body and shows you the many options available to the technician in the field.

Module 8: Picking and Pricing - $44.95

Most vehicle models have a number of glass part options and the customer may not be aware of the subtle differences between them. This class teaches the CSR, technician or manager how to read and use the NAGS Catalog and Calculator publications. It also will help the technician be a salesperson in the field by teaching him how to quote an installation for an on-site customer inquiry.

Picking the proper part and pricing it competitively is important to the success of any auto glass shop. This essential course teaches this through text, diagrams and drawings. It quantifies the learning through a quiz, assignments, exercises and a final exam.

Module 9: Installation - Stationary - $99.95 [prerequisite: Adhesive Bonding]

This module is the core of our program and takes the technician through the intricacies of proper auto glass installation through the Seven Steps of Installation. It covers the "dos" and "don'ts" of disassembly and re-installation, including clean up and safety procedures. This class contains information collected from hundreds of auto glass professionals nationwide with years of experience and teaches to the National Glass Association's Certification program and the ANSI/AGRSS Auto Glass Replacement Standard.

Installation - Stationary is the largest course in the program. It has text, diagrams, pictures, and illustrations to explain the most common installation completed by the technician. It gives tips on how to deal with installation problems and measures your learning through a quiz, assignments, and final exam.

Module 10: Installation - Moveable - $79.95

The installation of moveable auto glass requires mechanical aptitude and the ability to see a problem and determine the best course of action to solve that problem. This module walks you through a variety of common scenarios typical of this type of installation including:

Moveable glass parts are the most diversified installations completed by the auto glass professional. To handle the teaching of this module, AGU employs text, pictures, and diagrams to better explain the intricacies of door, back and quarter glass installation. It includes a quiz, assignments, and a final exam to quantify the learning attained.

Module 11: Troubleshooting - $39.95

"Comebacks" or "Callbacks" are handled in the Troubleshooting module. Common complaints such as water and air leaks, noise and vehicle damage are discussed. The module will cover proper diagnosis and procedures for correcting the problem. Special tools for problem diagnosis and their proper use are discussed and taught.

When things go wrong, the technician needs to know where to look to solve the problem. The Troubleshooting module uses 18 pages of text, and a number of diagrams to help pinpoint the problem and correct it.


Elective 1: Trade Math $29.95

This module helps you to refresh your memory on the typical mathematical problems used in the fabrication of auto glass.

Elective 2: Pattern Making $39.95

Before any part can be fabricated, a pattern must be created to cut the glass accurately. The pattern making procedures that will be trained will include, trace pattern, pinchweld pattern and geometric constructed pattern.

Elective 3: Auto Glass Fabrication $39.95

This module covers the proper way of scoring, breaking and the lamination separation of automotive laminated safety glass.

Elective 4: Windshield Repair $29.95

A successful windshield repair is 20% equipment and 80% technician skill. There are dozens of windshield repair equipment manufacturers and they all produce an excellent repair result. This module help you in knowing the process before making the kit purchase.

Elective progam - $99.00
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Full course program - $598.00
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